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UK Divorce Forum

This is a UK based forum about divorce and related issues. Feel free to contribute. Your experiences or opinions may help others. The link to the home page on the left leads to basic information about most common divorce questions. You can use the search function to search the forum 
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Divorce + Financial Settlement

by AC
338 2 08/10/2022 04:33PM
Last Post by David Terry

False Accusations & Social Services Referral

by 007apb
285 3 08/06/2022 05:06PM
Last Post by 007apb

Living together 10y/ married 1y Assets split

by newlife
369 8 08/04/2022 03:15PM
Last Post by David Terry


by spartacus
287 2 07/28/2022 10:53AM
Last Post by David Terry

How many times do I have to attend a MIAM

by SamToucan
307 2 07/28/2022 10:48AM
Last Post by David Terry

Recommended Divorce Lawyers

by LegalDad1986
416 3 07/28/2022 10:19AM
Last Post by SamToucan

Wait time after judge review!

by SWiZ
356 7 07/28/2022 10:09AM
Last Post by SamToucan

Net effect schedule advice

by SWiZ
272 3 07/27/2022 07:27PM
Last Post by SWiZ

Moving out

by spartacus
329 5 07/26/2022 04:55PM
Last Post by David Terry

Consent order

by donnamartin2001@
315 2 07/21/2022 04:54PM
Last Post by David Terry

Is CMS a better option?

by harold
304 2 07/21/2022 10:31AM
Last Post by David Terry

False disclosure by Ex

by itsme
338 2 07/20/2022 10:50AM
Last Post by David Terry

Negotiating terms of Draft Minute of Agreement

by harold
312 3 07/18/2022 11:35AM
Last Post by harold

Mortgage help

by Stacey
336 1 07/17/2022 09:38AM
Last Post by Stacey

Financial settlement offer

by donnamartin2001@
369 2 07/16/2022 12:03PM
Last Post by David Terry

Financial Mediation - Any experience?

by SeparatedMan
331 1 07/15/2022 01:58PM
Last Post by SeparatedMan

Married 4 1/2 year

by John39
319 2 07/14/2022 05:05PM
Last Post by David Terry

Ex now refuses to sign consent order

by Kazjitsu786
369 5 07/14/2022 01:25AM
Last Post by Kazjitsu786

Advice on same sex marriage with children.

by Clocky123
303 2 07/11/2022 10:41AM
Last Post by David Terry

Financial order - spouse can not be found

by Seeker
339 3 07/10/2022 11:51PM
Last Post by Seeker


by bigman60
366 2 07/08/2022 12:27PM
Last Post by David Terry

Newbie Guidance on Divorce - Maintenance & Mortgage Payments?

by Conks01
415 3 07/06/2022 01:32PM
Last Post by LegalDad1986

Financial Separation

by Oafy
537 5 07/06/2022 01:26PM
Last Post by LegalDad1986

Help trapped in a house my ex won’t sign to sell

by Screwedover2021
386 3 06/29/2022 01:28PM
Last Post by Screwedover2021

Unfulfilled Consent Order

by owusu
352 4 06/28/2022 02:31PM
Last Post by David Terry

Settlement before clean break

by StewieG
416 4 06/26/2022 02:59PM
Last Post by StewieG

Divorce in scotland

by Djdw
362 1 06/22/2022 06:02PM
Last Post by Djdw

Child maintenance applied for by ex wife to be

by RobertBeavan
373 1 06/22/2022 03:52PM
Last Post by RobertBeavan


by das
335 1 06/22/2022 03:18PM
Last Post by das

Capital Gains Tax

by Evoke6L6
315 2 06/22/2022 11:30AM
Last Post by David Terry