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UK Divorce Forum

This is a UK based forum about divorce and related issues. Feel free to contribute. Your experiences or opinions may help others. The link to the home page on the left leads to basic information about most common divorce questions. You can use the search function to search the forum 
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Marital Assets Split

by daisylou123
13 4 05/20/2022 11:23AM
Last Post by daisylou123

Spouse Maintenance

by MikeTheLad
207 13 05/12/2022 06:28PM
Last Post by Andyk

Form D8

by Rookie
45 1 05/12/2022 10:07AM
Last Post by Rookie

Consent Order

by rak123
77 1 05/10/2022 04:51PM
Last Post by rak123

Financials and form filling

by ChrisL
293 9 05/10/2022 09:28AM
Last Post by Rookie

What's a reasonable buyout figure.

by vitamindeficient
120 7 05/05/2022 02:26PM
Last Post by vitamindeficient

Divorcing without solicitors and agreeing on assets

by Tobefree3
140 6 05/05/2022 10:37AM
Last Post by David Terry

Parents splitting, 6 kids, who gets the house?

by veryjazzy
84 2 05/04/2022 10:43AM
Last Post by David Terry

Difficult ex wife and marriage certificate

by Springbok66
95 3 05/03/2022 07:28PM
Last Post by Springbok66

Divorce without foreign marriage certificate

by awz1
179 3 05/02/2022 07:46PM
Last Post by Springbok66

How to dismiss the old application from ex

by Antarktida
90 4 04/24/2022 04:12PM
Last Post by David Terry

Help and advice

by tango59
123 4 04/23/2022 11:38AM
Last Post by David Terry

Barrister communication

by vbpamdsser
114 2 04/22/2022 07:12PM
Last Post by David Terry

My Divorce (Canada vs UK)

by Feefee14
85 1 04/18/2022 12:12PM
Last Post by Feefee14

Settlement help

by Jen A
203 9 04/16/2022 12:36PM
Last Post by David Terry

Ex won't sign clean break

by Vik2001
181 8 04/16/2022 12:30PM
Last Post by David Terry

Form E

by Roy Protyush
143 4 04/12/2022 07:06PM
Last Post by David Terry

Annulment and clean break

by Vik2001
259 9 04/06/2022 08:40PM
Last Post by Vik2001


by timnic54
139 2 04/06/2022 10:19AM
Last Post by David Terry


by ChrisL
162 3 04/05/2022 10:37AM
Last Post by ChrisL

Bury St. Edmunds time scales- consent order & Absolut

by SWiZ
152 5 04/04/2022 06:05PM
Last Post by Soonbefree

Is that timeframe realistic?

by Terry099
173 4 04/04/2022 06:00PM
Last Post by Soonbefree

Filling out clean break order and pension sharing annex

by Ukspongebob
143 2 03/30/2022 06:01PM
Last Post by David Terry

Taking Early Pension

by Mr Probability
134 2 03/30/2022 10:52AM
Last Post by David Terry

financial settlement - should I agree to this?

by bilen
270 11 03/29/2022 02:14PM
Last Post by bilen

Advice on best step

by Roy Protyush
172 5 03/29/2022 11:24AM
Last Post by Roy Protyush

Transfer of Property out of the Marital Pot

by 007apb
200 5 03/25/2022 09:06PM
Last Post by 007apb

Clean Break Achievable?

by Unknown83
331 20 03/22/2022 11:42AM
Last Post by sunnyskies

Agree to settlement or go to court?

by Stacey
215 1 03/21/2022 12:46PM
Last Post by Stacey

Buy to Let Advice

by Simon1011
146 2 03/19/2022 11:49AM
Last Post by David Terry