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Form E

Posted by Roy Protyush 
Form E
April 11, 2022 12:54PM
My ex had moved out for over a year now and have asked for financial disclosure on Form E through solicitors. Would this disclosure be at today's date or on the date she moved out (1 year ago).
Also should I fill in the form E or should this be done by solicitors.
Re: Form E
April 11, 2022 02:18PM
Unless a court has directed that you each complete a Form E neither of you is obliged to complete it and you would be unwise to do so on a purely voluntary basis because nine times out of ten that is a just a waste of time.
Re: Form E
April 12, 2022 05:34PM
Is a form E required by a solicitor to draw up a consent order where an amicable agreement has been made between husband and wife?

Me and my ex have now come to agreement (and for that reason, I haven’t got a sol), but her solicitor who handles house sale and will sort money order is demanding we both provide a form e. Neither of us can no bothered, so wondering if it’s part of the cause?!
Re: Form E
April 12, 2022 07:06PM
No, you do not need to complete a Form E and in these circumstances it looks to be unnecessary if you are both in agreement. In order to give informed consent to any proposed terms of settlement you do each need to know the financial circumstances of the other and to make sure that is the case the court does require you both to complete a summary of your financial circumstances when you lodge your settlement with the court for approval. However, that financial summary is a relatively short document and it is a summary not chapter and verse.
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