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Getting remarried after divorce

Posted by Larry 
Getting remarried after divorce
October 12, 2020 03:05PM

First, thanks very much for the very useful forum.

I got married abroad, in south America, a few years ago. I am French and I got the marriage recognized at the french consulate there, as if it had happened in France.

We moved to the US a few months later and separated there. We got the divorce pronounced by a US court a year later, as we were living there.

I moved to the UK 3y ago and I met a (british) lady that I would like to get married to.

I have been working for months to have the divorce also recognized in France but it takes (a lot of) time, as it is quite a lengthy process in France.

I am trying to figure out whether I can legally get married in the UK, as in my situation I am still married in France but also got a divorce (in the US).

Many thanks in advance
Re: Getting remarried after divorce
October 13, 2020 10:59AM
Assuming the marriage was properly dissolved according to US law there is no reason why that divorce would not be recognised here in order to remarry in the UK if that is what you want to do. In the UK there is no formal process of getting a foreign divorce 'recognised' before you can remarry.

For what it is worth the people who will know most about this will be Registrars for Marriages. For peace of mind you should speak to a Registrar of Marriages, explain the situation and ask whether you can remarry in the UK. I am sure I know the answer but since it is about remarriage it is a Registrar who will know most about that. In cases where there is any doubt they have a legal department to which they refer these things.
Re: Getting remarried after divorce
October 13, 2020 11:20AM
Hi David,

Thank you so much for taking the time to respond.
I will get in touch with them.

Many thanks
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