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Unreasonable Behaviour

Posted by MikeC 
Unreasonable Behaviour
August 27, 2020 10:16AM
Sadly a new poster here sad smiley

My wife and I have ben separated since Jan of this year (Her decision not mine). I moved out of the family home in Feb.

It is all as amicable as it can be but she wants to rush the divorce through so has instructed a solicitor and I have been sent a draft petition through and she is using the unreasonable behaviour. The 5 points she has raised not particularly bad but are pointing the finger at me. and I could argue each point but it will then become tit for tat and the person doing the 'tatting' always comes off worse. The reasons are just things that I would think I normal things married couples would disagree / argue about.

I am still very much in love with my wife but I have got to point now where I need to try and get on with my life. I am going to agree to the points she raised but I don't want to admit to them if that makes. Has anyone got any experience with some wording that I could use? I was thinking of something like, 'I the interest of progressing the divorce I will agree to the points raised but do not admit to any allegations'

I just want something in writing incase anyone comes accross the paper work in the future.

Thanks in advance
Re: Unreasonable Behaviour
August 27, 2020 05:42PM
There is a question on the acknowledgement of service which reads, 'Do you intend to defend the divorce?' It is perfectly permissible to answer that with, 'No, but I do not admit the truth of the allegations made against me'. That makes your point but allows the divorce to go through.

For what it is worth divorce papers are private. It is potentially a contempt of court to disclose the contents to third parties without the permission of the court. Therefore you need not worry too much about any allegations being made public. They hardly ever are.
Re: Unreasonable Behaviour
August 28, 2020 10:28AM
Welcome to my world!!! That is exactly what happened with my wife and our divorce, she wanted one, I didn’t and she used unreasonable behaviour (she couldn’t use her own adultery as a reason). I disagreed with all of her unreasonable behaviour statements, one of them was that I was controlling with money, but she was spending faster than I could earn so I had to say no to things we didn’t need to ensure the mortgage continued to be paid. Another one was that I was working long hours and was t spending any family time with her - because I was working overtime to make more money that she was spending.

I used the wording that David provided on my acknowledgement just to get the divorce moving although it grieved me that I was the one being made out to be the bad guy when it was her that was having an affair, but at the end of the day that doesn’t really matter.

I have filed all my divorce papers with all of my other important documents, what I have done for my own piece of mind really is written notes against each of the unreasonable behaviours to sort of put my side of things and justify why I was perceived to be behaving like that. One day when I’m gone and my children go through all my papers I hope they will see my side of the divorce not just their mother divorcing me because she got the petition in first.

Good luck with everything, it might seem like the end of your world at the moment but believe me as someone who has been thought his, whilst I would rather have stayed married, I have come out the other side much happier than I ever thought I would and I am having a great life.
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