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Short Marriage - Financial Order -Sorry Long Post

Posted by qwerty1510 
Short Marriage - Financial Order -Sorry Long Post
June 10, 2020 03:23PM

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Re: Short Marriage - Financial Order -Sorry Long Post
June 10, 2020 05:48PM
>>Now she is claiming domestic violence and abuse. My solicitor advised that this would happened as she has seen lots of cases like this and this is what she will need to do to try and stay in the UK permanently as she has no other visa she can apply for. <<

Quite so. Extraordinary though it may seem a person in your wife's position can very likely stay in the UK if she claims domestic abuse.

Needless to say if a person's motivation to marry is to obtain residence in the UK then it is not entirely unsurprising that such a person will seek another reason to stay if the marriage breaks down. Whether any of this is sensible is open to debate but your solicitor will not be the only one who has seen it happen more than once.

You do have a solicitor. You should be guided by that solicitor. That is what you are paying for. Second guessing a solicitor who knows the whole background is rarely helpful.
Re: Short Marriage - Financial Order -Sorry Long Post
June 10, 2020 06:00PM
HI David,

i am definitely not trying to second guess the solicitor. Sorry i should have made it more clear, I wanted to understand what people have experienced when courts have decided on financial orders based on the fact short marriage, no children, no marital assets etc

thanks for your time
Re: Short Marriage - Financial Order -Sorry Long Post
June 11, 2020 10:54AM
It is not true there are no marital assets. For a start you refer to the marital home. Furthermore even though you say you own two more buy to let properties with your sister those are nevertheless assets which you own and which therefore affect your ability to pay anything to your (ex) wife. You have, of course, also brought her from India which is an action which can reasonably be described as having acted to her detriment. I would therefore be surprised if your wife comes out of this with nothing or that a court would think it fair that she should. I assume you thought you would derive some benefit from the marriage since you say it was an arranged marriage by your choice.
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