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Need advice

Posted by gbaines2000 
Need advice
May 31, 2020 08:39PM
Hi Terry

I need some help with my situation, details below...

Please find details below

- Married to my wife for 26 years
- She left the marital home with my daughter in Sept. 2018 and subsequently filed for divorce in the same month
- My wife is getting benefits - Universal Credit - £550+ / month
- My Salary per month is £1550
- We have 1 daughter, who’s 17 and completed her secondary / A Level education
- My daughters surname was changed without my consent
- Since leaving the marital home in Sept 2018 she hasn’t sought gainful employment stating her mental health as the issue
- Throughout our marriage she’s worked when it’s suited her. I’ve always been the main breadwinner
- Offered mediation in December 2018 - my wife refused to attend

List of assets as below

Joint account - £20,000
ISA’s in my wife’s name - £15,500 and £4,500 (cash which I deposited)
Investment Bond - £6,500
My pension - £24,000
Gold …
My wife took all the marital gold from the property - value is estimated at £75,000. Although she’s claiming it’s hers and should not be shared. I have evidenced this with photographs in the Form-E
Based on the photographs, she’s disputing my valuation, so I’ve asked for her to provide 2 valuations

Property value - 310,000
Outstanding Mortgage + early redemption fees - £140,000
Leaving £170,000 worth of equity in the property

Desired outcome
Clean 50 / 50 split of all assets
My pension to be left intact - with her having no claim on it
Clean break settlement

Current Situation
I’ll be going to court this week for our first hearing. I’ve currently shelled out north of £9,000 so far with very little to show for it, please advise
Re: Need advice
June 01, 2020 10:56AM
If you have spent £9,000 on legal costs you most definitely have a solicitor acting on your behalf. You should be asking your solicitor these questions. Not only is that what you are paying for but, more importantly, your solicitor will have a much better understanding of the background to all this. It is rarely helpful to second guess another solicitor.
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