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Bury St Edmunds - Bailiff Service

Posted by divorceetobe 
Bury St Edmunds - Bailiff Service
October 26, 2022 12:22PM
Hi everyone,

I made an application for divorce July 2021, however my ex's moved addresses so it was not served. In August 2022, I found their correct address and also paid the 45 GBP to the court for the Bailiff, it was received by the court end of August. It's now also end of October but there is no information from the court (2months almost0

Has anyone have any idea on TIMINGs for the bailiff serving the papers at Bury St Edmund's Family Court?

Life is on hold until this is done so feeling stressed. What about process server, can I try that even though the papers are with the court now?

Thank you
Re: Bury St Edmunds - Bailiff Service
October 26, 2022 02:12PM
As long as the papers are served and proved to have been served a court doesn't care if it was done by a court bailiff or a private process server.
Re: Bury St Edmunds - Bailiff Service
November 28, 2022 01:27AM
Thank you!

The judge has said I can serve via email, does that mean I need to get the Notice of Proceedings back from the court (via post) and scanned that attach to the email, or is it sufficient to indicate I have start proceedings and add the case number + court details + acknowledge of service for the civil partner to print out and send back to the court?

Thank you

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Re: Bury St Edmunds - Bailiff Service
November 28, 2022 11:30AM
This is not the place for guiding a litigant in person through a divorce. If you are in doubt you should ask the court and/or consult a solicitor on a fee paying basis.
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