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Just issued divorce proceedings

Posted by Blimey 
Just issued divorce proceedings
September 14, 2022 11:12PM
I earn 85k and struggling with the idea I could end up giving my ex hubby maintance in the divorce.
I have inheritance I used to buy a second home and have recently sold and put in joint names on land registry and a cash purchase.
We also purchased right to buy property with my discount of £80600. It is valued at 270k but not within the 5 year owning and hence would have to pay 60% of 270k plus mortgage of 125k.
I currently earn a good wage but this is on a contract basis so not always reliable income.
My husband has been self employed since April so his earnings are less as to the nature of building up his business.
I find the law on fairness and need very subjective as my contribution has allowed us to get mortgage etc.
Only a short marriage 5 years and I have no pension and my husband has.
I offered him a fair outcome for divorce where he stays in home and we split mortgage and sell in 3 yes and an equal split. He still wants half my inheritance. I am aware my earnings are high but this will not continue long term as I am 52 with health issues so could he still get my inheritance and maintenance.
Re: Just issued divorce proceedings
September 15, 2022 10:47AM
If there are no dependent children and your husband is under no disability it is unlikely that this is a case where it would be appropriate for you to pay him maintenance.
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