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Contest after acknowledge

Posted by JasmineC 
Contest after acknowledge
September 07, 2022 05:38PM
Hi Terry,

I see you are doing amazing work in clarifying all the queries that people raise. Kudos.

Coming to my situation: I filed for no-fault based Divorce this year and my husband acknowledged it. We hardly speak. Last week we happened to meet to discuss about home and furniture. The conversation did not go well and my husband got offended for nothing. I am anxious that he might go back and contest the divorce application now.
Note: I am waiting for conditional order which in Dec this year.

Question: Is there a possibility that he can contest the divorce now?

Thank you!
Re: Contest after acknowledge
September 07, 2022 06:49PM
So far as I know it is no longer possible to contest a divorce. It used to be but the rules have changed. After all, if one spouse makes an application for divorce the marriage is over no matter what the other spouse may think. That has always been the case but the recent rule change now makes it next to impossible to defend a divorce.
Re: Contest after acknowledge
September 08, 2022 10:30PM
Thank you very much Terry.
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