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Living together 10y/ married 1y Assets split

Posted by newlife 
Living together 10y/ married 1y Assets split
August 01, 2022 01:44PM
Hello , Me and my husband have been married for one 1 year but been together 10 years ( total 11 years). The relationship is coming to its end as I am forbidden to have kids or adopt due to his religion. I have been attacked by his extended family ( who live in different country but feels like i am married to them ). My husband have previous divorce (no kids) ended due to wife been verbally abused by his 3 never worked sisters and mother (starting from the wedding ceremony). His ex wife was intelligent and working woman. I also worked through our relationship as self employed. All these years we support his extended family and sending thousands of pounds to his family and his sister's 9 kids , so they can live life without work or worries.
We have been saving from food, no coffee outside, buying clothes from charity shops etc... Me and my partner have both improved the house with our own hands and now he is selling our home for nearly £700 000. I injured my spine in 2016 lifting steel( he asked me to). Ended up on wheel chair for 4 mo. Now I am permanently in pain and it affects my whole life including work.

He is planing on going back to his country and proudly said he didnt give anything to his ex wife ( 8y of marriage).
I applied for Land registry in June. He got angry. I wasn't given pocket money even last two years I am on zero Income but he sends even more money now to his sisters.

Last year while on IVF treatment his mother called and shouted that if we have a baby it will be dirty. We spoke about split on the day I had embryo transfer. He joked and asked me to sign a sentence which he wrote that I agree to split for 3000£.
I understand now that I stayed with him believing he was my family and I trusted him. This is not the case anymore. No man should control a woman if she wants to raise a child even adopted. I need to find my purpose of Life.

Could anyone help with few questions :
1. What am I entitled to if we jointly increased the value of this property for the last 11 years (which is only on his name)
2. Will the judge consider our long relationship despite legally married for 1 year when applying for the Financial settlement.
3. Will my evidences of spinal injury due to construction work help the decision
4. I found evidences he was cheating when I was on wheel chair 2016
5. I have also been mentally abused and called the police ( record available)
6. He has good Income, good pension, secretly bough lots of gold in his Country. And i lost all chances of being a mother due to age ( doctors said it him the problem)
Apology for my story in advance
Re: Living together 10y/ married 1y Assets split
August 01, 2022 02:36PM
If the property is in his sole name it is absolutely essential (if you have not already done so) that you register a Matrimonial Homes Act notice against the property. This will prevent him selling or remortgaging the property until such time as financial issues are formally settled between you. There is obviously a serious risk in this case that he might try to sell the house and transfer all money outside the UK beyond your reach if he can. Do also be aware that even if you register a Matrimonial Homes Act notice against the property your husband sounds as though he might be the type of man to forge your signature. It is therefore very important that any address you give for the Land Registry to write to you in the event that he does try to sell the property is not just the matrimonial home address. He might intercept such a letter.

Yes, the period of cohabitation counts towards the length of the marriage in circumstances like this.
Re: Living together 10y/ married 1y Assets split
August 01, 2022 05:48PM
Thank you so much for your reply.

-Land registry successful this July 2022 ( doc available). I have given my address in my home country too( different than his one) plus email for communication only
-He is remortgaging the house again for £94000 due to rising interests ( but they called him to say someone has applied to Land registry -Me , so they told him to call my solicitor which I dont have one). I singed paper which was describing that he is asking for new mortgage, I had to agree that if he doesnt pay i will leave the house(and probably they will take the house)
-He tells me he may settle the mortgage and buy smaller house but I cant trust. Mentioned if he buys new one he will gift it to his sisters kids.The plan is to buy house that need work again ( I will not carry building his family future when mine is compromised)
-Asking me to travel to Canada to visit my Uncle and if I can work there ( no I cant I am a tourist) so he can choose new house alone or just move to his country( not sure, traces of bipolar behave)
-He wont fake my signature as he has fear from his religion

-By the way one of his sisters husband is a Solicitor too and maybe advising him or is aware that I may do research( we bought him a village house by the way .... to another sister we gave £3000 gift too ) . As it can be noted he is adored and they will do anything to protect his assets as they will go to themselves one day
-Mentioned he is looking for village house and land in His country and it will be on his sisters name.

Question :
1. So if he sends the money from the house sale proceeds out of UK I lose everything and no court no judge can help me anymore?
Re: Living together 10y/ married 1y Assets split
August 02, 2022 10:42AM
Under NO circumstances should you sign anything that enables your husband either to sell the property or to remortgage it. If you have signed anything you should contact the lender or the lender's solicitor IMMEDIATELY and revoke your authority. You will be gravely prejudiced if you do not do this and I would suggest you make an appointment to see a solicitor IMMEDIATELY.
Re: Living together 10y/ married 1y Assets split
August 03, 2022 07:54PM
`He is selling to so he can repay the mortgage. I cant stop him from selling and recession is coming . Everyone is aware and preparing in a way.
I will call the mortgage loaner.
Re: Living together 10y/ married 1y Assets split
August 04, 2022 10:43AM
>>I cant stop him from selling<<

Yes, you can and you should. If you do not then your interests will be gravely prejudiced. I have already told you that you that in circumstances like this you ought to see a solicitor immediately. If you ignore this advice then you alone will be the responsible for the consequences.
Re: Living together 10y/ married 1y Assets split
August 04, 2022 02:53PM
My husband had been refused to renew his Mortgage contract from the loaner ( to secure lower interests) due to my name being on land registry. HE tells me they told him I am owed money this way. He is asking me to REMOVE myself from Land registry. If i remove and he sell our home that will mean only one thing. In case of divorce he will not have to put this money as joint assets. Is that right ?
Re: Living together 10y/ married 1y Assets split
August 04, 2022 03:15PM
I am not going to repeat telling you the same thing. You should stop listening to your husband and speak to a solicitor as quickly as possible. If you do not then your interests will almost certainly be gravely prejudiced. There are only so many times I can say this.
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