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Consent order

Posted by donnamartin2001@ 
Consent order
July 21, 2022 02:25PM
I’ve asked my solicitor to accept previous offer and she has requested a consent order me drafted. How long does this normally take? I have a finial court date on 1st sept and want to avoid extra court costs and barrister fees. Just feel like time us running out. Look forward to your very helpful response
Kind regards Donna
Re: Consent order
July 21, 2022 04:54PM
If you have reached agreement then a court date and barrister should be unnecessary. When agreement is reached a solicitor will normally notify the court, say that the hearing date is no longer required and that the paperwork for the consent order will follow in due course. Provided agreement has actually been reached this is what normally happens so as to enable the court to make use of the time slot for something else. The same goes for the barrister. You should, of course, seek confirmation of this from your solicitor.
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