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False disclosure by Ex

Posted by itsme 
False disclosure by Ex
July 19, 2022 10:20PM
Hi, I had my first hearing for finances where me and my ex did a financial disclosure. In the questionnaire I have called out that a number of assets were missing and she responded to this with false information.

One of the question I asked was to disclose all the money that has been transferred to India in the last 10 years which the Judge asked my ex to answer and she has disclosed this information now and claims that it has been sent as family maintenance and doesn't show any assets purchased with this money.

My ex has claimed that she has 1 land as asset in India, but I was able to find out that she has 4 registered on her name and another 7 bought on her parents names during the same period when she was sending them money (claimed to be family maintenance). All the purchases were made upto year 2014.

My next hearing is in November. How do I present this to he court and when do I need to inform the court and other party that I collected all this evidence? Would the court consider this evidence?
Re: False disclosure by Ex
July 20, 2022 10:50AM
If you intend to rely upon it you certainly must disclose evidence to the other side. You must do this in good time before any hearing at which you intend to use it otherwise you will not be allowed to introduce it.

If your ex has transferred money to her parents and during the period when she was sending them money they bought land it is by no means obvious that your ex is the beneficial owner of any land they bought. Showing that your ex has land registered in her own name which she has not disclosed is one thing. The fact that her parents have bought land is quite another. Your ex may or may not have an interest in that land but establishing that is not likely to be easy.
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