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Financial settlement offer

Posted by donnamartin2001@ 
Financial settlement offer
July 16, 2022 11:16AM
Hi I am going through a very messy divorce has been on going for 4 years. I have a final financial hearing on 1st sept. I had an offer from mr ex which was refused by recommendation from my solicitor, I counter offer over 7 weeks ago and have had no response from his solicitor or his answers to the questions which should have been filed months ago, court date was changed. I am in a poor financial position and my solicitors costs have more than doubled what I was originally quoted and if we have to attend court I can’t afford a barrister. I have asked my solicitor to go back to his and state I am willing to take the original offer and gave a Consent order sent to court. My solicitor is say that she can’t do this she has to wait for his response, I don’t think he is going to as he has lots of money and can afford court expenses ect. Can I send I send a revised offer ?
I would spot I ate you help as my solicitor just seems to be wanting to go to court
Re: Financial settlement offer
July 16, 2022 12:03PM
Unless your husband's original offer was in some way time limited it should be possible to accept it whether you have made a counter-proposal or not.

Whether it is worth going to court very much depends upon the difference in value between his proposal and your counter-proposal and whether the latter is the one likely to find favour with a court.
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