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Financial Mediation - Any experience?

Posted by SeparatedMan 
Financial Mediation - Any experience?
July 15, 2022 01:58PM
I separated from my wife in December, We jointly own a house estimated at 485,000 with about 250,000 equity. We have a 10 year old son.

My wife works 3 days a week and earns £14000, I earn £62000. She has health conditions which restricts what she can do.

I am currently paying £1400 a month in mortgage on the family home plus I am living in rented accommodation. Needless to say my monthly outgoings are heavy.

We have a rough agreement in that we will not sell the house until next September when my son starts his big school so he is in catchment for that.

I have started the divorce process online and am arranging mediation so we can get a financial agreement on paper.

Has anyone gone through the mediation process to get financial settlement? What paperwork should I take?
I have Cash equivelent transfer value information on all of my pensions. I'm guessing 3 months bank statements etc?
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