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Posted by bigman60 
July 08, 2022 11:35AM
hi transfers of property questions. .

ex wife to use her best endeavours to release me from the mortgage ,

the mortgege term comes to an end in april next year , she says she cant get a mortgage ,Nationwide want the amount owed ..

can the house be sold to pay off the debt ,if the financil order say the property is to be transferd to her. .

And does that all so mean that the property can only be transferd to her , our can it be her and a third party so she would then be able to remortgage the property if she then meets the building societies rerequirements .

the financial order has been in place for 18 months now

i think i read in one of your previous posts that a property can only be, remortgage with both parities consent ,is that correct ..thank you

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Re: property
July 08, 2022 12:27PM
If the court order says the property should be transferred to her then it should be transferred to her. How she settles with Nationwide when the term is up will be her problem. One way or another she will have to sell or remortgage by next April so you know you will be released from the mortgage by next April at the latest.
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