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Recommended Divorce Lawyers

Posted by LegalDad1986 
Recommended Divorce Lawyers
July 06, 2022 01:33PM
Hi All,

I am just wondering who you might recommend as a Family Lawyer. It's not for divorce but related issues. Cohabitation mostly.

London based.
Re: Recommended Divorce Lawyers
July 27, 2022 01:43AM
I have deleted this post simply because a lawyer someone may think is good another client might think otherwise. All cases are different so it is sensible to pick horses for courses. For instance, good though a City of London firm may be that would rarely be a sensible choice for a couple of modest means and limited assets.

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Re: Recommended Divorce Lawyers
July 28, 2022 10:19AM
I worked with two solicitors and three barristers during my case and can say that some are definitely better than others. You should interview a few and decide who you want to engage.

Key things I would consider:
1. Can they communicate clearly - a good lawyer is able to explain the process and what is going on in a way that you can understand. If they try to impress you with waffle that you don't understand, look for someone else
2. Are they organised - my first solicitor was poorly organised and kept forgetting things and making mistakes. He was often sick or on leave at key points in the process, and I only ever seemed to find this out the day before. The second one was so much better.
3. Do they understand the key issues in the case. In my case there were a number of issues that are not that common. My first solicitor struggled to understand these issues, whilst the second had run similar cases before and clearly knew how to handle them.
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