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Now here. Help and advice

Posted by Trapinhere 
Now here. Help and advice
May 28, 2022 06:22PM
Hi all,

Please can someone advice me what to do -- When i received an email from my solicitor on 26 May 2022, saying -- "They write to confirm that they have now sent copies of the attached notice of change of solicitor to the Court and to my STBX's solicitors." Do I have to reply to them as I'm no longer need their legal service since 25 April? If I do then they will charge me unnecessarily for the emails which I cannot afford to pay. I had emailed my solicitor on 25 April 2022 to no longer act for me as I could deal with the Consent Order from both of us have agreed for the Financial agreement and Consent Order prepared by my STBX's solicitor and sent to Court for approval on 28 April. Because my solicitor did not respond despite of numerous emails sent by both myself and STBX's solicitor urged my solicitor to view our Consent and was wasted for 6 weeks and costs after the Conditional Order pronounced on 17 March 2022. Also I don't need to change solicitors as our divorce has almost completed the final stage just to send the Conditional Order application soon as the Consent Order has been approved on 23rd May 2022. Sorry, it's complicated and a bit confusing.

Many thanks
Re: Now here. Help and advice
May 28, 2022 07:01PM
There is nothing wrong with acting on your own behalf and dispensing with the services of a solicitor. No-one is obliged to use a solicitor if they don't want to. However, if you do act on your own behalf the buck stops with you. That is how it works.
Re: New here. Help and advice
May 28, 2022 07:47PM
Thank you David for your response.

I understand. My question is -- As i have told them no longer act for me. And now I received their email out of a blue. If i don't reply to their emails. Can they still charge me and send me a bill?

Thank you.
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