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Posted by timnic54 
April 05, 2022 04:22PM
I am hoping someone can answer my questions. I cannot afford lawyers. I live in Thailand. I have no plan ever to live back in UK. I am separated from my wife for over 3 years. We have a decree Nisi. She will not sign the decree absolute as she disputes financial maters. I am unable to convince her that my financial circumstances since COVID are very different. Can I obtain a decree absolute without her consent?
Re: Help
April 06, 2022 10:19AM
>>Can I obtain a decree absolute without her consent?

Possibly but whether you can or not depends upon whether your wife has grounds to prevent you. The simple fact that financial matters have not been resolved is not sufficient but if your wife can show that she would suffer financial prejudice if you obtained decree absolute she could prevent you. Typically this would be because, for example, she would lose out under any pension you may have. However, the possible prejudice can take many forms.
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