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Taking Early Pension
March 29, 2022 09:31PM
I always intended to cash in my main pension early, at 58. I'm a few weeks away from 58 now.

I've been divorced two years but haven't reached a financial settlement.

Assets are approx 250k pension for me and 40 - 50 k for her. 160k equity in house (where she has been living since we broke up 8.5 years ago).

If I don't take my pension, I'll lose probably around 100k of it due to equalization of pensions.

If I do take my pension, it'll look like an attempt to do something underhand.

Would I be wise to delay taking my pension? If I lose 100k of it I'll be working til im 65+.

What are the implications from a divorce/settlement point of view (I realise you can't give financial advice).
Re: Taking Early Pension
March 30, 2022 10:52AM
Unless you are planning on gambling your pension away it will potentially end up being shared whether it exists as a pension or cash. I would suggest you take proper financial advice before you cash in your pension because (a) the tax consequences of what you are planning to do would be horrendous and (b) you could end up in penury in later life.
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