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Decree nisi denied

Posted by Melyssa33 
Decree nisi denied
October 12, 2021 09:30PM
Hi all. I’m new to this and I thought I’d ask.

I applied for divorce in 2019 April or may. Can’t remember.

Respondent answer and signed paperwork lost by court.
Nisi denied as I didn’t have enough evidence.
Amended in red and sent again.
Denied because I didn’t pay, but when I called they didn’t want to take the payment so the forms were returned.
Then I reverted to Maiden’s name. Signed using both names. Rejected. Sent back to me.
Then rejected because I didn’t do it in red ink.

I was told the decision would be made in September. I’ve been chasing everyone since last week and there are no updates.
Nobody has been able to give me an answer.
At this point I’m thinking they’ve lost my whole thing again.


I’ve already logged in a complain because this is just outrageous and I’m still married to this person.
I want to move on and get on with my life.

Yes, I want to do the financial order after divorce otherwise it’ll be years, although all the assets have already been sold and settled.

Thanks a lot.
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