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How to do this?

How to do this?
November 20, 2019 11:39AM
I need to leave my wife now but as she is on a low income in a new job I have worked out i need to leave without any money so she and the children can remain in the house. I want the children (and her) to be comfortable without too much upheaval.
How will I manage to get a new mortgage?
I am on the current one for 2 more years interest only.
Can I get a new mortgage even though I'm named on the marital house one?
Can my wife keep the house and I get some equity in a few years or whenever she can manage a mortgage of her own?
Our mortgage has been effectively over for 2 yrs and now I have met someone else i want to move on with.
Advice PLEASE.
Re: How to do this?
November 20, 2019 02:09PM
If your wife is on a low income then you cannot accept the mortgage lender to agree to take you off the mortgage. You will therefore remain on the mortgage and that will make it difficult for you to obtain another one. There is no reason why at some point in the future you should not be able to have some share of the equity. However, whether that is practical very much depends upon the figures and what your wife's situation is likely to be in the future.
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