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Will I lose my house.

Posted by Stramit 
Will I lose my house.
February 17, 2021 05:05PM
HELP !! My wife is petitioning for divorce and I am terrified that I will lose my house in which I have lived for 42 years. My wife was a penniless immigrant from a foreign land and we married eight years ago. She has never worked, nor has she ever paid any money into the domestic purse, and we are now both past retirement age. Every item, including the house, was pre acquired by me many years before we met on a dating site. Now she has petitioned for divorce on vague accusations of abuse. I have savings and some private pensions, and I am left thinking the whole thing is for financial gain. Am I likely to lose my house, or be left in a financial situation where keeping it is not viable.
Re: Will I lose my house.
February 18, 2021 09:26AM
>>I am left thinking the whole thing is for financial gain.

You wouldn't be the first to think of that although it is fair to say that marriages entered into with that in mind usually come to an end just as soon as the foreign spouse has received permanent leave to remain.

It is impossible to know what the outcome will be without knowing the figures. This is not a short marriage. Therefore there is no question of your wife being left with nothing. The fact that your assets were built up before you met will count for something but as against that a court would have to work out what reasonable needs you each have.
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