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Query about Alternative Service?

Posted by john5671 
Query about Alternative Service?
February 10, 2021 11:02AM
Hi Terry,

I was hoping you could help (ps much appreciated that you do some spend some helping us folks).

Im in England, I filed for Divorce back in last October. I have heard nothing since. I rang up the main Courts and Tribunals Service Center telephone number, gave my application ref number, and they said the respondent hadn't sent any paperwork back. They told me I could pursue another path where I could sent the application via text or email? And if they still didn't reply, my divorce case could still proceed. I cannot find much information about this service online, and what I did read, it said you have to apply for the service and the judge may not grant it.

Would you be able to shed some light on this please?

(Filed on grounds of unreasonable behaviour, short term marriage, we had a messy breakup after 4 months of marriage, i filed last October [about 15months after marriage], no assets or kids, me and partner haven't communicated since the breakup)

many thanks
Re: Query about Alternative Service?
February 11, 2021 10:45AM
The simplest way to effect service if the respondent lives in the UK and has not returned the acknowledgement of service is to get a private process server to do it. They typically charge about £100.
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