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Posted by greenmonster 
January 31, 2021 08:03PM

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Re: Both owned properties at start of marriage
February 01, 2021 09:09AM
>>would the starting point be 50:50 for both,<<


>>What can I expect as best and worst case? <<

Worst is that your wife may be able to show that her property remained hers, that there was no mingling, so that it therefore did not become a marital asset and ought to be excluded from the 50/50 split.

Best is that her property gets included in the 50/50 split.

Of course, you do not say whether there are any dependent children and what your respective earnings are. Either or both could significantly affect the outcome.
Re: properties
February 01, 2021 09:30AM
Many thanks for your insight - very helpful.
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