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Fake alligations and divorce help

Posted by Bitter2020 
Fake alligations and divorce help
September 20, 2020 01:25PM

19 years with 3 kids age 10 and 8 and 5
Currently renting
Want to file unreasonable behaver divorce
As she reported me for false domestic violence to police social services before 1 and half year

After 10 months she taken alligations back with police

Social services dropped the fake case after 12 months of harrasment

She blackmailed me to pay cash to her to take fake alligations and charges back paid nearly 100k via bank transfer

I want to apply for divorce not sure if I have to separate for 2 years or 5 years before I can get divorce

Also worried if I file for divorce if she apply for non mol and fake complaints to police and social services is there any help out there for men

I am very surprised to see all departments in UK belive if something is said by women that is 100% correct and men are always criminals

I need urgent help not sure where to srart as spoken to Solicitors they are telling me this will cost me 30k in fees.

Is there anyway I can file in person for divorce I am 100% sure she will file fake charges like rape violance drugs.
End result she wants all my money if not than she will try her best to harras me.
Re: Fake alligations and divorce help
September 20, 2020 02:34PM
If the marriage is over then you can have a divorce. It would be plain silly under these circumstances to wait 2 years because a divorce based on 2 years' separation requires the consent of the other spouse and your wife is very clearly not going to give that consent (unless, presumably, you give her whatever she wants in order to get that consent). Waiting for five years would make no sense at all. You can have a divorce now. You will be able to have a divorce based on your wife's unreasonable behaviour. Many people issue their own divorce petition and get a divorce. Whether that is the right course of action for you only you can say.

On the subject of making false allegations and being believed you lose sight of one very important point. It is that in the criminal law of this country a person is presumed innocent and it is up to the prosecution to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. If you have not committed the things of which you are being accused then your wife can make whatever allegations she wants because she will not be able to prove those allegations. Indeed, a person who makes false accusations out of malice can be sued and/or may commit a criminal offence.

Carl Beech, who made made various allegations which were initially treated as 'credible and true' by the police but which later turned out to be very untrue, was later sentenced to 18 years in prison for offences including perverting the course of justice. People who make false accusations run a serious risk.
Re: Fake alligations and divorce help
September 20, 2020 05:41PM
Hi David

Thank you for quick and clear reply I have been told by solicitors that I need to go for mediation first and than if that don't work I can apply for divorce
I don't want to discuss anything with potiantialy dangerous women can claim anything happened to her fake alligations
Sorry to tell you that not police or not socialservices listen to men in this country.

She reported she is been beaten up everyday from 19 years not police or social services verified any of the claim and harrased to me for 12 months they put kids under section 47 although there was not a single evidence there.

So I don't trust police and socialservices as they did not ask for any proof and run with her statement I have to pay 100k in ransom to agree to her demand to get out the mess.
Sorry to ask same thing again what is safest way to move out of potentially dangerous women.

I am so afraid that I will lose money reputation and kids because she can play victim women card in 21st century and everyone thinks women are always victim is wrong
Re: Fake alligations and divorce help
September 21, 2020 10:18AM
>>I have to pay 100k in ransom to agree to her demand to get out the mess.

Then you were an idiot to do so and if you have £100K to burn you can certainly afford to pay a solicitor for advice.
Re: Fake alligations and divorce help
September 21, 2020 11:52AM
Hey David,

Its very easy to comment and say i am idiot.

As you dont know the situation at that time she taken kids in the country where there is no law to help me to bring kids back and social services is tootheless tiger and rest of all the department who got invovled and no one helped me said go to court and settle this.

I understand i made mistake in getting married to wrong person first and than paying the ransom.

same question agian can i go for divorce by my self and do i need to anything to save my self from any fake alligations.

If world works on honesty we dont have problem i dont have to worry about anything as i did not do anything wrong at all but worried that when it comes to legal social services and police they all take stand as men is main problem in the situation.
Re: Fake alligations and divorce help
September 21, 2020 02:30PM
No-one behaving rationally or who took legal advice would pay £100k to make a person withdraw allegations which are untrue. And if a person who does that also thinks that the police and social services treat men as the main problem then one has to ask what the point of giving advice to such a person is.

You ask what you can do to protect yourself against false allegations. The answer to that is certainly not to pay £100K to a person making false allegations.

I have given you my opinion. You are free to ignore it. I don't think I can usefully add anything to what I have already told you. There is no reason why you cannot issue a divorce petition and to protect yourself against untrue allegations you should not pay any money.
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