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Financial Settlement

Posted by Petecaw 
Financial Settlement
August 29, 2020 01:14PM

Like many i seem to find myself in situation i cant seem to get out of.

Ive been separated now 18 months, yet ive been left to carry on paying for a mortgage, as its in my sole name and i can not remortgage due to home rights been lodged.. My ex still lives at the property with her new female partner whos are engaged.. and two children on a 45/55 split.. as 55 been in her favour child custody order..

Due to me having a 45 split ive had to rent on top of paying a mortage.. so i have can have my daughters nearly half the time.. ive been informed im entitled to occupational rent of some sort as i nearly have a 50% shared custody

At the preliminary hearing judge said the house would have to be sold or some one buys the other out.. as their is approximately £140,000 equity in the property.. enough for us both to start Again..

The nsi has be granted and the FDR preliminary been attended in February and we had a return date for 29th march which was cancelled due to covid..

We also had a company together of 5 years and earns in excess of £30k p/m yet ive been cut off from it, And was forced to resign , but still got my 33% shares..yet been left to pay company loans, company email hosting etc She lives of company divideds alone and still continues to life the high life.. yet claims shes broke.: her new partner also owns her own business:: which i been told her assets and business share can be included.: we already submitted out form E and she had over 30 deficiencies which she refusing to answer or respond.

My ex tries to make out business is not making money yet i have plenty of evidence the suggests other wise.. and states company can not buy me out..yet i can not get to court..

Another grey area cant seem to find out is I've meet some else and its going very well.: they are also separated 3 years but are still married to their ex. If i was move in with them:: would only half the assets be included for? As her husband is entitled to 50% and she has 1 child already?

Any thoughts would be much appreciated...
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