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what will happen to our house?

Posted by sakura 
what will happen to our house?
June 26, 2020 02:41PM
Hello, I am going through a divorce and I have a few queries about our house. I live with my ex-husband and daughter in our house, which he is the owner of. He bought the house shortly after we got married, at the time he refused to put my name as the joint owner. We have one daughter who is in university and does not have a job, if we were to divorce would he be able to keep the whole house or will I as his wife be able to obtain half in order to support ourselves?
Re: what will happen to our house?
June 27, 2020 05:20PM
There is absolutely no question of your husband keeping the house just because only his name is on the deeds. You undoubtedly have a claim upon the property (and any other matrimonial asset such as a pension). It is the matrimonial home not just his home. Judging from the age of your daughter this is a long relationship which amplifies your claim. Also, you should not assume that you are entitled to half. It is quite possible that you are entitled to more than half. That is because how assets are divided upon divorce is not simply a matter of dividing them in half. The court has to take into account a range of factors the most important of which are usually the needs of both parties and the financial resources available to them. This often (perhaps usually) results in a division which is unequal in favour of the spouse with the greater financial need and/or fewer financial resources.
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