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Credit card debts etc during divorce

Posted by Ben9339 
Credit card debts etc during divorce
June 22, 2020 05:58PM
Asking on behalf of my partner she is currently trying to start the first parts of a divorce there is no mortgage or house owned but her ex has a lot of debt on he’s name eg a van on finance which is solely he’s for work a loan and a credit card the credit card is at about 10k in debt but he is demanding my partner pay half of this. She said she used around 1000 pound and that is about it the rest is all stuff he has spent money on. Now he’s demanding she pays half back how would this go in a court because in the past all through her bank statements she has transferred him 600 a month to pay for he’s van finance and he’s loan which both she didn’t ever agree too he got the van and loan years ago without even informing her. So I would have thought In this instance that you would call it quits as she’s actually payed off more things for him than she’s ever spent of he’s and he’s just trying to worm money out of her. He’s credit card interest is ridiculous and 200 a month only equates to about 20 quid after interest.

Any advice where to start proceeding with this divorce would be helpful and where he would stand in regards to trying to get money out of her. I know he won’t sign a clean break clause but no way she is paying half of a debt that’s solely in he’s name anyway not when she’s payed tons in the past towards he’s van that’s not even for her. She’s more than happy to pay back 1k off the card that she used but seems to be unreasonable to ask to pay towards a debt he’s worked up that he will never clear because of the interest.
Re: Credit card debts etc during divorce
June 23, 2020 10:12AM
If the van on finance and the credit card debts are in his name he will struggle to persuade a court that his ex should pay half of either. Certainly if he has the use of the van there is absolutely no case in respect of that. His ex would only be expected to pay anything towards his credit card debts if she had a large amount of capital from which she could easily make the contribution and it could be shown that she has benefited from the expenditure. If she has no money then he will be stuck with debts in his sole name.
Re: Credit card debts etc during divorce
June 23, 2020 11:46AM
Thank you the card was used by him she has never had the card or any use of it same as the van he rang up these debts without asking the loans the credit card and van finance and She is only a carer so on very minimal pay and she’s has no savings or any thing worth money her car is about 400 pound. I also own nothing valuable but I suppose he couldn’t try to use me or my income against the case anyway.
Re: Credit card debts etc during divorce
June 23, 2020 02:14PM
No, your financial circumstances are irrelevant to the issue of whether he can claim a lump sum towards repayment of his debts. He cannot claim from you.
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