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Finance settlement

Posted by Dorky 
Finance settlement
May 20, 2020 09:16AM
Hi guys,
Im married for 10 years , we both work full time jobs and no sharing of any assets, bank account or so.
I lodged an application based on unreasonable behaviour which she acknowledged but mentioned she wasn't happy with the reason .i have applied for decree of nici and Currently submitted my FORM E and upon receiving my wife’s form. noticeable amount £40000 has been transferred to her siblings and made an excuse of me giving her a bad treatment. Then i received another email hit with abuse allegation and so on. I inherited my house as gift from my father and solely owner under my name only and for the last 10 years of marriage only amount she has given me was £200 per month which initially stopped last year but i didn't mentioned or complained about it. I am not in speaking terms for past 5-6 years. So i have eventually defend my case and hit her back with evidences where none abuses took place .
Upon reviewing the form e she now wants the owner ship of the house but before lodging an application we both did agreed on £24000 And i transferred into her bank account already which was been drafted into contract and signed by both .
Now i m worried that she wants to take over ownership of the house considering she hasnt paid any towards the deposit.
Guys any suggestion ? Im currently assisting my solicitor with the questionnaire in regards to assets she has all these years where im currently with all loans

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Re: Finance settlement
May 20, 2020 10:37AM
You have a solicitor. You should be asking your solicitor these questions. Too many cooks spoil the broth and all that. I assume that you did not have a solicitor and/or take advice before transferring £24,000 because no solicitor would have advised you to do that.
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