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Pension or not?

Posted by Jamie 
Pension or not?
March 28, 2020 02:57PM

My other half applied for divorce nisi. We want to leave things amicable because of our daughter. I bought my flat when I was single, we lived in it during our marriage, until separation. I was full time mum and spend all my savings that I had from my single life (around £30,000) throughout our marriage of seven years. When I was full time mum, my other half was paying for everything in terms of bills, mortgage on the flat. I paid for running and repair of my car, baby things and that's how everything was spent.

After separation, which happened 3 years ago, my other half was able to buy a house and is very financially stable. Being full time mum left me with nothing but my flat and my daughter. I am working part time but struggling.

As we're going through a divorce now, I hear things from people that I should be able to ask for things, which I don't want, even though I am strugglingi to make ends meat. I get maintenance for my daughter. People advice me to get at least percentage of his pension as I lost financial safety and struggle to pay bills and mortgage, now.
It is almost like I don't want any upset between us and be amicable for our daughter's sake. She is 10 now.

Any advice would be very helpful. Thank you.
Re: Pension or not?
March 29, 2020 09:43AM
If you want to remain amicable then probably the most sensible course of action to resolve the financial issues arising from the marriage would be for you to attend mediation. You do at least need to know what the financial position is. Unless and until you know what the value of your husband's pension is you simply can't know whether a pension share in your favour would be appropriate. You can obtain the necessary information to reach an agreed settlement in the least confrontational way by attending mediation. There is nothing to suggest in your particular circumstances that such mediation would not be approached constructively by both of you.
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