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Last Min Advice Hearing 2nd March

Posted by vbTrev 
Last Min Advice Hearing 2nd March
March 01, 2020 08:05PM

Thanks for reading and thanks if you are able to help.

Basics: She is divorcing me (no I hadn't done anything wrong, she had been planning it hoping to take everything and ruin me, to this day I still don't know why)anyway I found out in time before losing my business and everything.

so I don't have legal representation, she comes to court with a barrister, long story short this has been going on for 2 years, Monday 2nd and 3rd March is final hearing.

What I would like some advice on is, she will have a barrister fighting her corner, I'm not scared or scared of him, I have submitted 2000 pages of 100% proof and evidence, she has just been making things up over the past 2 years with no evidence, as there isn't any and the judge has either said I don't believe you or thrown it out.

that said in court tomorrow when her barrister stands up and starts his lies am I aloud to say I object " or is that only in the movies" obviously if I object I will back it up with the reason I object.

Am I aloud to interrupt her barrister if he is saying something that is a lie or incorrect,

Am I aloud to interrupt the judge if she is saying something that is incorrect as she will be going by what she has been told in the bundle.

Also her barrister in his bundle has made so many mistakes, even down to my company name being wrong in many areas,

(I'm asmall business not big so can not afford a barrister of my own.) she has pleaded povety and destitute despite going on holidays, paying a barrister £2500 per day

Im hoping this will go against her.

any tips that I can use, I'm not shy, and I'm not scared to argue so if there is something I'm aloud to fight back (not physical) then I would appreaciate any help.


Re: Last Min Advice Hearing 2nd March
March 02, 2020 10:48AM
Used sparingly and with justification it is possible to raise objections, yes. However, that is a very different thing from objecting every five minutes. In the latter case a judge will tell you to keep quiet and tell you that in due course you will have time to address the court. Continual interruption is very likely to antagonise the court. You will be allowed your opportunity to address the court in making your case. If things have been said with which you disagree the proper place for you to say so is when it is your turn to address the court. Doing that requires taking proper notes to which you can refer later when you address the court. In fact doing that is not easy. That is why advocacy is a specialist skill.
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