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Kicked out of House - Child Issue - London

Kicked out of House - Child Issue - London
January 24, 2020 02:13PM
My wife and myself are going through divorce process.

A week ago, I got a call from child services that my son complaint to school that father slapped him. my wife also complaint about me about domestic violence. i went to school to know what exactly happened. School told they can't share then dates of complaint to child services.

Police has told me not to go home until we are investigating this case. 1 week already passed and police is very hard and rude to me.

Can someone please tell me
1. Should i go back to house (House is on Joint name), though police has told me not to go ?
2. What are possible outcomes, as i didn't slap him at all. I thnk this is all made up as my son getting more an more attached to me.
3. How long i can't go to my house ?
4, What are the implication of this case on child custody after divorce ?
5. If i am out from the House, will this affect during division of property (House,)


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Re: Kicked out of House - Child Issue - London
January 25, 2020 09:03AM
You should make an appointment to see a solicitor about this. It is too complicated to give a simple answer here. You need to be able to talk through the details properly. If you cannot afford a solicitor at least make an appointment to see someone at a local Citizens Advice Bureau.
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