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Salford court contact number

Posted by Slowdivorce 
Salford court contact number
January 21, 2020 04:06PM
I'm wondering if anyone can help. My financial consent order was sent to bury st edmunds family court in early October. As of yet i haven't heard back. Ive called them to chase up but they informed me it was sent to Salford for a judge to sign. But they was unable to provide me with a contact number, but gave me a number for Manchester civil justice Centre who gave me a number which reconnected to the Bury St Edmunds Court. Has anyone got a number for Salford?
Re: Salford court contact number
January 21, 2020 05:40PM
If you sent it to Bury St Edmunds I suggest that you contact them by email asking what the delay is in dealing with the consent order sent to them on such and such a date. It should not be for you to chase paperwork from court to court. You will soon find yourself going round and round in circles if you do that with no-one accepting responsibility. It is better to force answers from the people you sent it to and make sure they realise you are complaining about it. For what it is worth a delay from October until now is by no means uncommon. The problem with the people who work in these centres is that they ignore the public who they are actually meant to serve.
Re: Salford court contact number
January 21, 2020 07:42PM
Good luck with that, I had to get a copy of my decree absolute. The local court that dealt with it had closed down and I was given the run around. Bury St Edmunds when I eventually got through to them just kept saying that as it was dealt with at my local court I would need to speak to them, even though they knew that had taken all the work from there. As if divorce wasn’t stressful enough.
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