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Matrimonial Monies Advice following House Sale & Inheritance (Scotland)

Posted by divorceinedinburgh 
Matrimonial Monies Advice following House Sale & Inheritance (Scotland)
January 04, 2020 06:13PM

Looking for advice on the following potential divorce in Scotland (Edinburgh);

Still together, though relationship has mostly irretrievably broken down and we have both decided we are now looking to split. (no foul play, just no love/relationship left to continue with)
Known each other for 10 years, been cohabiting for 9 years and married for 8 years, she is 39, I am 38.
Somewhat luckily just sold large family home and now have a large cash sum over £260k currently in joint savings account following house sale, and we currently live in rented accomodation.

The breakdown of the £260k pot is;
£70k was the initial deposit house for purchase in 2012 (originating from £20k from me, £20k from her early inheritance &£30k profit on her home sold)
£110k is profit / mortgage paid on current home sold Aug 2019
£80k is recent inheritance paid direct to myself in March 2019 (Initially paid into mortgage, so presume this is this now matrimonial?)

We have no children/dependancys, no financial debt, no loans, no car finance, 2 cars of low equal value, no visa cards, just a further savings account under my name with £10k (Gift from father / during an inheritance payout).
Currently living in rental accommodation, where we are both named on the landlord’s tenancy agreement.
I work full time always have done, and have always had good secure job paying £50k pa and strong pension paid in for last 18+ years.
Wife works 27hours per week, and always has done for past 14 years (only time in employment position) and with same employer earns £25k, with pension also though presumed to be much smaller than mine. Wife also has mild ME & CFS controlled with medication.

What I'd like advice on is;
1 am I entitled to take the £80k inheritance and £10k gift then split the rest 50:50? or is this more likely to be a 50:50 split across everything especially as the inheritance was initially paid into the mortgage?
2 if not, am I entitled to keep the £10k gift and then split the money say 50:50 now (£130k each) and use solicitors to do the rest of the bargaining, pensions etc? essentially can I legally take my 50% share (presumed) of the house sale from the savings account and leave, even if she does not consent? (currently only one joint account)
3 as my name is on the current new tenancy, I presume I'm liable for 50% of the rent? and for how long? and is this all any other house hold bills? (I plan to leave)
4 would my wife have an alimony claim with myself earning twice her income? (She chooses to work part time)
5 how would the pension split be tackled and if known what figure is used to for the matrimonial value? (lump sum included? calculated from annual payments? how is this calculated? what figures do I need to know?)

An help would be gratefully appreciated.

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