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Is CMS a better option?

Posted by harold 
Is CMS a better option?
July 20, 2022 11:12PM
I hear mixed reports regarding the CMS.

However, is it not the case that using the service, as apposed to signing the child maintenance fee into a Minute of Agreement, offers some level of protection? Should my personal circumstances change CMS would reflect that by either increasing or decreasing the payment.

If I sign the MoA which includes the CM fee I'm legally obliged to pay that amount regardless of whether my income drops, unemployment or whatever, right?

Why would anyone take the risk, then, of not having this protection?
Re: Is CMS a better option?
July 21, 2022 10:31AM
>>Why would anyone take the risk, then, of not having this protection?

A very good question. Bureaucratic though these things are the CMS does at least adjust payments when you notify them of a change of circumstances. If you do these things through a court order then you cannot apply to the CMS for 12 months even though your circumstances might change the day after the court order is signed. And if in the interval you have to apply to a court to vary the amount payable that (a) takes forever and (b) can cost an arm and a leg. Having the ability to simply notify a change of circumstances to the CMS is infinitely preferable.
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