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Advice on same sex marriage with children.

Posted by Clocky123 
Advice on same sex marriage with children.
July 11, 2022 06:40AM
Hi so it’s a complicated situation .

I have been with my wife 14 years married 4 ( same sex relationship) we have 3 children between us age 4,6 and 1 year .

The children were all conceived at a fertility clinic with the same anonymous sperm donor and my wife’s eggs.

She carried the first two and I carried the youngest one . We are now in the process of separating but we do not agree on the child care .

It would be my wish that the kids stay together as much as possible.

W disagrees and wants 5/2 and 3/5 alternate split so she has the older two more and I have the baby more . She was the primary carer for the older two and I have been for the baby but we both work flexibility and could easily do a 50/50 or 60/40 split . I appreciate the baby is still little and I’m with him 24/7 stlll , night feeds etc so he may have to be with me more whilst he is so young but I really really don’t want them to be separated from each other .

My solicitor has advised me to stay in the house which to be frank is awful and w constantly threatens to move the older two 300 miles to be closer to her family .

Please could you advise ?
Re: Advice on same sex marriage with children.
July 11, 2022 10:41AM
I do not think it would be sensible to second guess your solicitor in these circumstances. Employing a solicitor and then seeking advice elsewhere is a good recipe for utter confusion.
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