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Capital Gains Tax

Posted by Evoke6L6 
Capital Gains Tax
June 22, 2022 10:41AM
I’m in a situation where I am attempting to come to an agreement with respect to the financial settlement in my divorce and could do with a little advice as I don’t know whether I’m confusing myself with the information I’m coming across.

I’ve been separated from my wife for just over two years and she is still living in the matrimonial home and I have moved out. I’m at the junction where I either request that the home is sold or I agree to her request of a Mesher order. I don’t mind the Mesher order so much if I can get another mortgage with my name still on the matrimonial home.

What I am a little confused about is capital gains tax. As I moved out of the matrimonial home almost 2 years ago, am I going to have to pay capital gains tax regardless of wether it is sold now or at a later date because I no longer live there? If not, does this change if I have a mortgage on another property in the future?
Re: Capital Gains Tax
June 22, 2022 11:30AM
For precise capital gains tax consequences you would need to speak to an accountant because there are various concessions and the rules are not straightforward.

Whether you have a mortgage on another property would not affect any capital gains tax on the sale of your share in the matrimonial home.
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