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Ex wife to be is claiming universal credit whilst I still live with her and our two children

Posted by RobertBeavan 
I’m currently going through a divorce, we are officially seperated on paper since Dec 21, we both live in marital home with our two young children. I have found out via a form E she is claiming £522 per month via universal credit And also without my knowledge has changed the way her child benefit is paid. Which worries me. Both our contributions to household bills haven’t changed since Dec 21 till today , I pay 60%, She pays 30% and 10% via child benefit . I have continued to pay food bills for all of us since separation date till now . I feel I have been very good upto now doing this even tho a struggle. But to find out she is claiming this am I in my right to change the way we pay bills and food and make it equal 50% each ? Tbh I have left her to do food shop online with my credit card to use every month and i don’t really have any food. I just feel I’m been taken for a mug .
Whether it would be reasonable for her to pay half depends upon what your respective incomes are from all sources. If your incomes are the same then there would be no good reason not to share the bills you refer to equally. On a separate subject it is usually a bad idea to let the other spouse use your credit card if you are going through a divorce. That often means that the holder of the credit card ends up with a large debt. It would be better to use some other system.
Thanks David, I have taken your recommendation and will come up with an alternative to not include my credit card THANKYOU
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