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Parents splitting, 6 kids, who gets the house?

Posted by veryjazzy 
Parents splitting, 6 kids, who gets the house?
May 03, 2022 05:51PM
My parents are divorcing. married 25-30 years, coming to the end of their mortgage (10k-/+ left to payoff) Home worth around 400k, 4 bedroom home.
My dad only earns around 10k a year working part time and mum is a stay at home housewife.
6 kids (26,24,18,15,13,11 years old) all would want to stay with mum. Dad seems to want to sell the house, take his money and leave.
How could this play out? I always assumed he wouldnt be able to get anything because of the kids and mum having to stay home and look after them, but now im hearing because the house is worth so much this might not be the case?

Any thoughts? Thanks in advance for any advice/knowledge
Re: Parents splitting, 6 kids, who gets the house?
May 04, 2022 10:43AM
Well, the 26 and 24 year old are irrelevant. Unless they are disabled they are adult and therefore not taken into account. That may also be true of the 18 year old depending upon whether still in full time education or not. The other three are definitely dependent children whose needs have to be taken into account.

Having said that, this is a long marriage. Therefore there is no question of your dad walking away with nothing and your mum keeping the house. It may be that it because of the children it is not practical to sell the house immediately but the children will not remain dependent forever. When they cease to be dependent the house could then be sold and the net proceeds divided equally between your mum and dad. At that point their housing needs would be the same.
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