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My Divorce (Canada vs UK)

Posted by Feefee14 
My Divorce (Canada vs UK)
April 18, 2022 12:12PM
Hi all,

I am brand new to this forum and was hoping that I can get some help and advice regarding my current situation. Back in May 2020 I was living in Canada with my then wife, unfortunately things didn’t work out and I had to return to the UK with a divorce draft that I had signed, as did my “ex” wife. There were a number of consent measures that she has not been adhering to since signing this paper, which included terms regarding our children (2 minors) and lump sum payments.
I have tried to reach out to her for updates as well as the solicitor who drafted this agreement - and I’ve not heard anything.
My mental health was extremely bad at this period of time, and still is so therefore I feel that I signed this agreement not with a sane mind.

I have now been told by a third party that my divorce has gone through and has been settled. Where on earth do I stand with this? I am in the UK and they are in Canada. I am just in no fit state to even think about this , let alone deal with this alone.

Please help me

Thank you
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