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Agree to settlement or go to court?

Posted by Stacey 
Agree to settlement or go to court?
March 21, 2022 12:46PM
Unsure what to do for the best and feel the solicitors just want this case over with as it is through legal aid.
My earnings £10k (part time work) plus get help
His earnings £46k (full time work)

My rent £1100 per month
Mortgage £950 per month he was paying all of this when we were together as I didn’t work, he has been paying this but now refusing threatening the house will be reprocessed and both have bad credit if I don’t pay half of the mortgage, or accept his offer.
Children x4 50/50 contact due to this no maintenance paid.

Property worth £325k I have had this valued, but he is an estate agent and valued it lower so have his estate agent friends
Left on mortgage £206k
I was given £15k when I moved out to secure rented accommodation and buy furniture, this is being deducted from my equity.
He took out a 6 month mortgage holiday and kept majority of contents but I know this won’t be included.
Neither have savings nor will pensions come into this at all.

My solicitors are saying I would be best to accept £35k as my ex is refusing to sell, and that if a court decides £35k is reasonable I would there for have court costs to pay and also my ex could seek a cost order in his favour if a court awards me what he has already offered. Says the most he can give me is £35k as can’t borrow anymore.

Does this sound as though taking the £35k is a fair outcome?

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