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What is fair split of access to children?

Posted by bigelephant 
What is fair split of access to children?
December 14, 2021 10:39AM
We had two children, 12 and 9.

Divorced last year that went all the way to final hearing as ex refused to negotiate.
I am looking to fight to get more access to the children - what would be considered usual / fair in today's world?

Bit more background:
There is an unofficial arrangement in place, which gives me regular access but she still has the lion's share of the time.
We both live equal distance from the childrens' schools, and both on bus routes to their schools. Both parents have always been actively involved in the children's lives to the extent that our working lives allowed us and, at weekends, we took turns taking them to parties etc...
Pre covid and pre-divorce - she worked locally so was able to do more of the run-around (e.g. school runs, dentist etc...), whilst my job required me to commute at silly o'clock to London.
Post covid - we now both predominantly work from home, which gives me a lot more flexibility to be equally involved - both in term time and holidays.

I've got a repeat of the refusal to negotiate from my ex, so I'm wanting to know where I should set my sights if I've got to go back to court.
What other factors might the court consider important?

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