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Paying rent and mortgage

Posted by Stacey 
Paying rent and mortgage
December 07, 2021 03:08PM

I currently pay rent for the property I am living in, I can only just afford this whilst working and caring for my children etc. My ex lives in the property we own and now wants me to start paying towards the mortgage as we jointly own it, I am trying to get my part of the equity but what he is offering is lower than it’s worth so I have refused, this will more than likely be going to court as if he can’t raise the funds then the house should be sold but he is refusing this.
Will I be expected to pay towards the mortgage aswell as paying my own rent? Moving back isn’t an option due to abuse.
Re: Paying rent and mortgage
December 07, 2021 04:18PM
>>Will I be expected to pay towards the mortgage as well as paying my own rent?

No, absolutely not. He has the benefit of living there and you do not. The mortgage can be treated as the equivalent of rent. If he cuts up rough about this you can point out that he is living in a property half owned by you so you expect him to pay you an occupation rent for using your share of the property.

You should stick to your guns on getting a fair share of the equity. Since you have the care of dependent children there is no good reason why he should have more of the equity than you and there may well be good reasons why you should be entitled to more than half (although this does depend on the figures).
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