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Posted by SylviaB 
October 26, 2021 12:13AM
My husband left me after 47 years of marriage to a friend. He now says he wants me to sell our house. He is living with her in her home. Half her property was left in trust by her husband who died years ago. If she dies before my husband (she is 75 ) he will only receive half her property and will have to buy out the trustees. My solicitor says that if both of them are in good health which they are that there is no need for me to sell my home. If in future she gets ill and it looks like she will not recover then I would probably have to sell my home. Is this right? He is living very comfortably in her home and if I had to sell there wouldn't be much profit from the house sale as we took out equity release and would have to pay the company. I wouldn't have enough money to buy or part buy another property and the council waiting list is very large. I feel it's me that has all the stress and I wasn't the one who broke our marriage. He wants to go to court which will cost me thousands which I think is very unfair
Re: Divorce
October 26, 2021 11:37AM
Whether the home in which you live might have to be sold and under what circumstances does depend on the figures. There is no way of answering this in the abstract. Your solicitor presumably does know the figures and you are paying him/her for advice. There is no obvious reason to think you should not listen to that advice.
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