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Re: assets after divorce

Posted by Suzanne 
Re: assets after divorce
October 21, 2019 10:17AM
A need to know where I stand. Divorced September 1999 I was married to a police officer for the 25 years. He took early retirement due to ill health. At the time of the divorce there was no financial provisions made for his pension although my then ex husband said he hadn’t done anything about it with the police pension service. I walked away with nothing and left him in situ in the family house which my sons inherited.First husband never remarried.
He passed away 14 years ago. I did remarry in 2003 but since have become a widow in 2017. I am 63 and registered disabled so therefore do not work. Can you advise me on where I stand.
Re: assets after divorce
October 22, 2019 10:40AM
Where you stand is that you are not entitled to anything.

1. Pension sharing is only available to couples beginning divorce proceedings after the legislation came into force (1 December 2000). You were divorced in 1999.

2. You remarried in 2003 so unless any financial claims were made in the divorce petition and you were the person who issued the divorce petition you will have lost your rights to apply to the court for financial relief in respect of the marriage when you remarried.

3. He died 14 years ago. There is a six month time limit for making a claim against an estate (assuming that there ever was such a claim which is extremely doubtful in this case).
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