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What is Ringing Inheritance

Posted by Debraann 
What is Ringing Inheritance
October 02, 2019 06:39PM
Good evening,

What is ringing inheritance.

I am in my stepdads will, obviously he does not want my ex to have any money, should he die before we are divorce.

When can ringing be done, or should it be done?

Thank you
Re: What is Ringing Inheritance
October 03, 2019 06:18PM
You cannot 'ring fence' an inheritance. However, what you are talking about here is the expectation of an inheritance from a living person. That is rather different. If you and your spouse are getting divorced then the simplest thing is to get a divorce, and to settle the financial issues arising from the marriage formally and finally. Once that has been done your step father can include you in his will if he wants. As it happens even if you are included in his will now that is irrelevant to the outcome of the financial proceedings in any divorce between you and your ex provided your step dad does not die (or become otherwise incapable of altering his will) before those financial proceedings are concluded.
Re: What is Ringing Inheritance
October 03, 2019 10:29PM
Ok, thank you.

I understand get divorce, and I know i can issue papers etc.. but as things stands he knows what I am due to get, and when the divorce goes through, and as he lives in Thailand, he will not the clean cut, that’s why in my last post I mentioned what if he won’t do this and the other reason, he will use up his money in Thailand, return home and be homeless then come after me.. all I have is a house, cheap area bought out my mums inheritance after we split up... it is looking complicated .. he’s just wasting money.

He’s just being a pain and noting I can do other than issue papers, get divorce.
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