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Divorce Acknowledgement not signed

Posted by Nomajee 
Divorce Acknowledgement not signed
January 03, 2021 08:40PM
Hi All
I had a question if some one can help me with. My ex has told me that her lawyer has sent the service of acknowledgement, but she did not sign anything. I wanted to know is that standard procedure? I have never seen a service of acknowledgement form, is it not mandatory that she sign it? I understand that the lawyer filled out the rest. A friend who does not practice family law said that its definite that she has to sign it.
Any help much appreciated
Re: Divorce Acknowledgement not signed
January 05, 2021 09:24AM
It depends what the ground for divorce is. If it is based on adultery or two years' separation with consent then the respondent must sign personally if the adultery is admitted and/or to signify consent. However, if the divorce is based on unreasonable behaviour - by far the most common ground for divorce - then a solicitor may sign on behalf of the client.

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Re: Divorce Acknowledgement not signed
January 05, 2021 11:26AM
Thanks alot for the reply. Divorce is on unreasonable behavior. Just wanted to make sure my ex was not delaying/lying.
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