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Address on divorce petition

Posted by Seanbond10 
Address on divorce petition
December 21, 2020 10:12AM
Hi all new here just looking for some general advice,

I've been separated from my partner for coming upto 2 year in feb( not the legally binding seperation if that makes sense) so I intend to start applying for a divorce in 2021.
My main stumbling block is where I currently live, I don't want my ex partner to know where I am currently residing, please do not judge I pay over on cma and see my child regularly and any other cost s my child needs is covered. But for the safety of my other 2 kids and current partner I'd rather it not be included.

Any advice please
Re: Address on divorce petition
December 21, 2020 10:38AM
You can apply to the court for permission not to disclose your address on the divorce petition. However, when it comes to resolving the financial issues arising from the marriage you will need to disclose your address because it is relevant to your financial circumstances.

On a separate subject, if your spouse is the sort of person you think will be difficult it is probably not sensible to issue a divorce petition based on two years' separation because a divorce based on that ground requires her consent which you would be unwise to assume will be forthcoming.
Re: Address on divorce petition
December 21, 2020 11:44AM
How do I apply for this and what grounds is it granted?

As for finanaces there isn't any, no savings, no house and a car worth less than a grand.

She has already agreed in principle but I'll believe that when the ink is dry
Re: Address on divorce petition
December 21, 2020 03:58PM
Whether there is any money or not you would still be wise to get a court order dealing with all claims once for all. If you want to know why I suggest you read this:-


If you are doing the divorce yourself the court will tell you how you can keep your address confidential on the divorce petition.
Re: Address on divorce petition
December 21, 2020 04:34PM
Thank you for that. I've found a company called quickie divorce that will sort out your divorce and a clean break agreement for 167, then I think court fees are 550 and 50 quid respectively
Re: Address on divorce petition
December 22, 2020 11:01AM
Yes, and as a matter of interest do you know who they actually are? I mean who are the people behind it and what are their qualifications? Are they regulated by any professional body? Do they have professional indemnity insurance?

Like most things you get what you pay for and it is a case of the buyer taking care.
Re: Address on divorce petition
December 23, 2020 10:05AM
Yes I did further research on um now I'm not so sure, does anyone have any recomodations of a good online solictors
Re: Address on divorce petition
December 30, 2020 07:26PM
I echo David Terry’s comments above. I am also a UK qualified family law solicitor. My profile can be found using the link below, for anyone that may be interested in my background and services.


I offer full legal representation but also offer assisted divorce packages for those who wish to conduct their divorce themselves. I prepare all of the paperwork for you for submission to the Court yourself. This is a much cheaper option for those divorcing, but only really appropriate in uncontested cases.

I hope the above may be of assistance to some of you and look forward to joining further threads to offer as much guidance as I possibly can.

Best wishes to you all.
Re: Address on divorce petition
December 30, 2020 08:16PM
You have just had good advice from one. David Terry. David is my online solictor for my divorce and I highly recommend him.
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