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Advice needed reguarding children and divorce

Posted by quirkykells 
Advice needed reguarding children and divorce
May 08, 2021 06:24AM
Hi all sorry for the rambling post I’ve been awake all night with worry.
I filed for divorced a few weeks ago and still waiting for my stbx to be notified.
Meanwhile he’s spoke to a solicitor and said that if I move out with my children (one is his who’s 2) from Southport to wigan (41 mins by car) he can stop me. I want to move out of the Southport area due to all his family and friends being here and feeling a little unsafe as well as very isolated and trapped. I have a few close friends in wigan and my youngest sons god mother lives close by the area all of which have offered me support.
I have always said I want my stbx to have 50/50 access with our son, he’s said it’s 60/40 when travelling is involved but I’ve offered to do one leg of the journey. He works full time and I’m a stay at home mum.
I have suffered depression in the past and currently suffering again but that’s due to living in the marital home together and the constant fights and the break down of the relationship. I have always seeked help from my gp and counselling to help and it doesn’t effect my abilities as a full time mum.
I’m making myself poorly with the constant worry that he is going to use my mental health against me to gain full custody of our son. All I want to do is move and settle my children in a new home a fresh start and make my children and myself feel secure and happy!
Re: Advice needed reguarding children and divorce
May 08, 2021 10:59AM
He may be able to stop you in the short term if he applies for some order in respect of the children. A court is likely to say that until such time as it can decide the matter the status quo should be preserved and unfortunately ti can take some time for a court to make a final decision. Having said that, I doubt that he can stop you in the long term because what you want to do is reasonable enough and you intend moving to Wigan not Lands End.

For what it's worth this business about 60/40 access because of travelling is nonsense. If he wants to see the children he can expect to do the travelling. It is hardly excessive. The notion that he can gain custody of a 2 year old when you are a stay at home mum and he works full time is similarly fanciful.
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